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About Platinum Prep

Established in 2012, Platinum Prep, LLC is a socially responsible test preparation and educational services company based in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Our mission is to provide the best quality test preparation and education services to our clients. We accomplish our mission by working with students from all schools. We are committed to ensuring that every student has the best tools and opportunities to realize her or his fullest educational potential.

Our programs provide students with the knowledge, recognition, and execution skills necessary to succeed on standardized tests and the information necessary to apply successfully to top schools. Contrary to popular opinion, we understand that true test preparation begins years before the test date and extends years beyond. Our programs are designed to help students understand and overcome the roadblocks to achieving their best performance on a test and in school. Rather than focusing on guessing strategies, we teach how to first properly analyze and approach each problem first. Then we teach reliable test-taking strategies that allow students to maximize their score. We design our curriculum in order to ensure that a test-taker will never be forced to guess or feel that guessing is the only option for approaching a problem.

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