About Our Tutoring

For those of you who have very demanding schedules and/or work best one-on-one, we have several tutoring options for you. Schedules are flexible. Sessions will be held whenever you are available and wherever it is convenient for you.

Each class is 90 minutes and we recommend the 6 class package for those who want to focus on one subject or have above an 75th percentile on a prior real test, and the 12 class package for those who want to focus on all sections of the test.

If you sign up for a Tutoring package and want to add more sessions, please let us know.

Elite Tutoring

In order to qualify as one of our Elite tutors, a tutor must have taught the tests with exceptional results, teach other standardized tests, participate in the creation of instructional materials, and train new teachers. Our Elite tutors are individuals who have chosen careers in test preparation and have over the years taught thousands of students, trained hundreds of teachers, and analyzed and written scores of questions. Our Elite tutors have the experience and skill to identify how to explain any problem in the way that works best not for most students but for the individual student.

Elite Tutoring Rates

Custom Tutoring Packages

If you are looking for an unlimited or hourly tutoring package, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are positive we can build a package that suits your needs.